Furrst and Furrmost
Pooch Sanctuary


Our Yucca Valley Facility became a sanctuary because...

While working for a local "no-kill" shelter, part of my job was going to our local shelters and pulling "adoptable dogs" to bring to our rescue. It broke my heart to see all the dogs left behind, especially the seniors, the shy ones and the special needs ones. I knew no one would rescue them. I would always tell myself "one day I will have a rescue of my own" with these dogs no other rescue would take. For years I had no support, but I never gave up on that dream and even rescued a few paralysed dogs on my own because they were going to be put to sleep. One day while working, Bob Hersh came in. He already had a sanctuary and would from time to time take some of our shy dogs and rehab them and bring them back. I told him about my dream and would always talk about my dogs I had.

One day he told me he wanted to help me because he thought what I was doing was wonderful. He purchased a home on
2 1\2 acres to serve as my part of the sanctuary and helped me get my kennel license. We joined forces and I am very proud of being a part of Furrst and Furrmost Pooch Sanctuary.